My photography has been published in a variety of publications — including photo essays, spot news, portrait, landscape & environmental, and documentary photography.

My journalism degree from the University of Victoria (Professional Writing) included training in photojournalism, darkroom, composition and digital editing.

Below are samples from my photojournalism portfolio, bringing together some of my best documentary, portrait and environmental works. More photos can be found on my Flickr portfolio.

Shopkeeper and sonPeacemakerAhmed, ShepherdHermel SunriseBerthaAbu Tarik
OfferingPow wow dancersSlant Lake dawnFuneral procession for justiceGloriaBrother Roland
Palestinian farmersdball-roseman-8x10olmpics-plunger-8x10Peace march OsawaygaboOrganic farmer
HairEid al FitrOmayyad MoonOur Lady of the PrairiesWashingtonUN flag-bearer

Portfolio Highlights, a set on Flickr.

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