Top 24 Under 24: Vancouver playwright pursues childhood dream

Published in 24 Hours Vancouver | October 29, 2013 | Circulation: 280,000+


As co-artistic producer at Vancouver’s self-described “uber-indie” Delinquent Theatre, Christine Quintana isn’t waiting for fame before mentoring aspiring playwrights younger than herself.

The 24-year-old University of B.C. fine arts graduate’s newest play, STATIONARY: A Recession-Era Musical, follows a workday of six youth who have compromised their dreams.

“It’s about growing into adulthood, coming out into a post-recession economy and realizing you might not be able to own a home and do the things you thought you would,” she said. “How do you find happiness beyond that?

The musical, which Quintana also acts in, has been produced by several Lower Mainland theatres. She also works with New World Theatre and has sat on the board of the Cultch.

“I’ve wanted to be a theatre artist since I was a little girl,” she recalled, adding that her first stage appearance at nine. “I was hooked for life.”

Now, she hopes a program to mentor younger artists can help with “paying the energy forward in our community,” and she also worked with high schoolers to develop early playwriting skills.

“We’ve benefited so much from companies that have programs that support young emerging artists,” she said. “Every one of those opportunities that big companies extend makes a huge difference – it changes your future as an artist.

“Honestly, if I can make a living doing what I love doing, then I’m happy. It’s a tough career choice to be a theatre artist. There’s not enough opportunities to go around. But we all win or lose together. It’s not about competition, but community.”

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