EXCLUSIVE: Pickton lawsuit: B.C. to pay $50K per child

The province and Vancouver are poised to settle their portion of a lawsuit with 13 children whose mothers’ DNA was found on serial killer Robert Pickton’s farm, 24 hours has learned. Each of the children will receive $50,000 plus legal costs.

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A string of sex workers have died mysteriously in one B.C. neighbourhood

A string of unexplained sex worker deaths in the same New Westminster, B.C. apartment building continues to shake the region’s sex worker community, amidst outrage that drug toxicology reports for the women are still unavailable a full month after the first death.

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Creating Safer Sex Work: Can a new policing policy improve relations between police and survival sex workers?

Standing alone under the bleak overpass by the Alexander Street railway tracks, DJ Joe holds up a small white card as a train rumbles by beyond a fence. A white car slides slowly by, and Joe clutches her arms for warmth from the chilly air. Her foldable, two-sided card would fit easily into the long-time sex worker advocate’s pocket or wallet. Thousands will be handed out to survival sex workers on the street and at support centres around the Downtown Eastside.

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