John Cummins fails to unseat Liberals’ Polak

In Langley, BC Conservative leader John Cummins’ narrow 1,200-square foot campaign office is crammed with supporters, munching on ham sandwiches and cheese squares — a homemade feast which invokes the ex-MP’s distinct folksy campaign style.

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‘Full-on battle stations,’ urges BC Liberal campaign director to faithful

In the final hours of election day, the BC Liberals have taken an increasingly strident tone in emails to party faithful as polls near their 8 p.m. close, hinting at a deepening sense of urgency particularly in Christy Clark’s riding.

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‘Treated like terrorists’ said former chief following raid

An occupation of the Burns Lake band office in northern B.C. ended dramatically on April 7 when between 30 and 50 RCMP officers stormed the building–some allegedly with firearms drawn–to evict seven protesters holed up inside, including four children, who were demanding the chief’s resignation and an Aboriginal Affairs audit of band finances.

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