Inuit Flood Twitter With ‘Sealfies’ After Ellen DeGeneres Selfie Funds Hunt Haters

A month after Ellen DeGeneres tweeted her record-breaking celebrity-laden selfie during the Oscars on March 2—now surpassing 3.4 million retweets—Samsung’s copy.5-million donation to an anti-seal hunting organization has sparked a new viral meme.

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Buffy Sainte-Marie on Tar Sands: ‘You’ve Got to Take This Seriously’

Artistic trailbazer Buffy Sainte-Marie, who is currently based in Hawaii, is gearing up to record her first album of new material since 2008 (more on that later), and took a few minutes to share her thoughts on a number of topics with ICTMN.

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First Nations Claim Coercion as Harper Makes Aid Contingent on Legislation Support

Numerous First Nation bands are alleging that the federal government is threatening them with loss of funding for essential services if they do not, in essence, endorse controversial budget legislation, and chiefs are threatening everything from court action to a United Nations complaint, and one elder has begun a second hunger strike.

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